Again: sell my openSUSE-based appliance

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Again: sell my openSUSE-based appliance

Hi all. Again I have a question about building my own distro with/without additional software or configuration.

If I build any openSUSE-based appliance,  can I to sell it?

According with the last comment on made on 2012, I should check the Novell legal statements found at but obviously the legal terms have changed since that time so I don't find any related to SUSE Studio or openSUSE about it.

At this says yes but not answer the second question from owner's post and if under Novell or openSUSE terms is allowed (I think is possible to sell it):

And at this last one says yes but legality not related with SUSE Studio but else about third-party software or own software with a non GNU-GPL or MPL or BSD license:

Although I am not sure if MPL or BSD license can be applied to any software built-in appliance software, but resuming:

Is allowed to build any openSUSE-based appliance and sell it as "mine" and earn some money?