Call me shocked - forensics repo #2 most popular to add to a 42.1 appliance?

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Call me shocked - forensics repo #2 most popular to add to a 42.1 appliance?

I'm starting a brand new 42.1 appliance and when I went to add the
forensics repo (security:forensics) it shows up as the #2 most common
repo to add to an appliance.

Am I reading that right?

I must say I find that both shocking and gratifying.  I'm the main
maintainer of that repo, but I didn't think anyone used it besides me.
In other words I thought (felt like) I was maintaining my own private

I'm curious what packages from that repo people are using on their
appliances.  Is there a way for me to figure that out?

If anyone reading this is using that repo, I'd appreciate a comment
about why.  Most of the packages there are in Leap 42.1 stable I
think.  But some have newer versions in the forensics repo.  I guess
the newer releases might be a reason for people to use the repo in
addition to the main 42.1 repo.

The python-plaso package is only in the repo. That takes a lot of work
to maintain.  Maybe people are using it?

(python-plaso is really difficult to package and even harder to get
pushed into Leap.  I tried again for 42.2, but initiating my efforts
in May or June was too late in the cycle.  Just too many packages to
get through legal review.  The latest version 1.5 was just accepted
into factory yesterday.  Far too late to push to 42.2.)

Greg Freemyer