Failed to find MBR identifier !

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Failed to find MBR identifier !


We're having problems with our latest preload.iso build. (Leap 42.1 server)

When trying to install from USB we get this error "systemException 'Failed to find MBR identifier !' reboot"

Iv'e tried a couple of methods for writing the .iso the the USB (dd and using Rufus) but run into the same error on startup every time.

We're using a workaround for this by using the .raw (USB stick/Hard Disk Image) and running yast2 live-installer to install the appliance to the primary drive but this is a bit too convoluted for our end-users.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing the above error?

Iv'e tried on 2 of my own machines and one user has reported the same error installing to one of their dell servers.

Appreciate any feedback