Having issues signing in? Here's information, and a fix.

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Having issues signing in? Here's information, and a fix.

Garrett LeSage
Hi everyone on the list/forum,

Some of you may be having issues signing in on SUSE Studio. We're aware of some issues, and have been working diligently on a solution over the past few days.

(Quick solution: Click on the link listed below and follow the instructions.)

A problem many people have been facing has been that one of the big third-party authentication servers used wish SUSE Studio has not been working for the past few days.

If you're using the email way of signing in to the site, then this definitely affects you. We have been using EmailToID.net to help translate email addresses into OpenIDs, in an attempt to make using OpenID, a way to have distributed authentication across multiple sites, easier to use.

Even if you're not using your email address to sign in to SUSE Studio, there's a possibility that the account you use to sign in to SUSE Studio might be unresponsive.

So, several of us over the past few days have been working extra hours during the holiday season. We want to make sure something as "simple" as signing in does not stand in the way of you making more awesome appliances, especially since we know many of you probably have some time off around now. *smile*

Our fix is to let you use multiple OpenID-based accounts to sign in to your profile on SUSE Studio. It's easy to add from both your profile page (when signed in), and also (more importantly) from the standard sign in page, when you click on the "Add a new OpenID to your account..." link.

If you're currently having problems signing in, you can click the link referenced above, or simply visit:

1) At the new OpenID request page, enter either your user name on SUSE Studio or the email address you used when you registered with us. We will then send you an email with another link that you can follow that will present a page which happens to look quite similar to the sign in page.

2) When you're at the new page, simply choose from one of the supported accounts (currently listed on the side of the page, or in the sign in form's dropdown), enter your information (or just click the button in the case of the Google and Yahoo! account support), and sign in on the remote site.

3) When you're done, you will be returned to SUSE Studio, and will be signed in using your newly associated OpenID!

4) (Optional) You can remove the old OpenID from your profile page if you wish. It's probably a good idea if you're not using it anymore. If you want to use multiple OpenIDs to sign in with SUSE Studio, you're certainly welcome to do so.

Hopefully you find the process easy. Please let us know if it is confusing or you think it could be improved in any way. (Once you're signed in, you can click on the green "Send feedback" button in the top-right of the page. As always — whether it might be feedback about a bug, a feature request, or a nice comment about the site — we love it when you send us feedback!)

We apologize for the inconvenience the third-party sign in outage has caused, and wanted to get you back up and running as quick as possible, so that you could create those awesome appliances (and custom SUSE-based distros you may want to hand out to family and friends) during this holiday season.

Happy holidays!
Garrett (and the rest of your SUSE Studio team)