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Jim Henderson
Hi, List -

As I've been looking at Studio over the last couple of days, I've been looking for a way to create a really minimalistic ISO with nxclient on it.  In looking at the templates, it seems the smallest I can get the image to is about 100 MB.  The setup would be basically a kernel and enough to get the system to boot into a VESA X driver at 1024x768 and run the nxclient preconfigured to connect to a specified server.

I've got a disc like this now that does this, but the kernel is much older and the network card support is extremely limited.  I was thinking Studio might be a great way to keep such an appliance/image updated.

My current disc is only about a 13 MB download.  I realise that in order to do this with the newer kernel, I'd probably need to provide a repo with a custom kernel build that had just the modules I needed as the default kernel package itself is 74 MB.

Kernel issues aside, what would be my best option for building a custom setup that doesn't run sax2 to determine the video card but just launches X to launch the nxclient?  I shouldn't really even need a window manager (a really minimal xdm setup should suffice here).